Today in the city Edna Bay 17.11.2018
Save $650 on a Nikon camera bundle (complete with lens and battery pack) with this sale at Best Buy

If you want to become serious about your photography — whether as a profession or as a hobby — it all starts with the camera. How do you think sports photographers get those perfect pictur...

‘Boy of War’ Producer Fabien Driehorst: ‘It’s a Coming of Age Story’

“War is a state of mind,” notes Cyprien Clément-Delmas, who, together with Igor Kosenko, directed “Boy of War,” the study of Artiom, a teenage Ukrainian whose dream is to become a soldier and fight fo...

Ohio boy, 5, tests positive for meth after eating Halloween candy

A 5-year-old boy in Ohio is expected to make a full recovery after he ate a piece of Halloween candy that was possibly laced with drugs.

Indiana boy, 2, loses limbs to mystery bacterial illness

An Indiana family is learning to cope with their toddler son’s new reality after a mystery illness cost the young boy the lower half of his four limbs.

Are the Green Bay Packers on the Verge of an Implosion?

By deciding to return a kickoff that never should have been returned, and then by fumbling on said return, Ty Montgomery might have cost the Green Bay Packers an important victory Sunday...

Woman Faces Manslaughter Charge in Death of 1-Year-Old Boy

A 24-year-old southern Michigan woman has been charged in the death of a 1-year-old boy she was caring for.

Russia loans Cuba $50M to buy military equipment as Cuban leader set to meet Putin

Just days before Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel is slated to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin has given Cuba a $50 million loan to buy Russian military equipment.

Fantasy Football Buy or Sell: Which Players Deserve the Week 9 Hype?

Week 8 brought massive fantasy performances for some of the league's young players. Who can you trust going forward? Watch above to see whose hype you should buy or sell heading into Week 9...

Best Buy 'Black Friday' 2018 Sales: What We Know So Far

Best Buy Black Friday 2018 shipping is now official it's the best of any major store this year. We know about the top deals as well...

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